Ableton to launch Live 12

Ableton to launch Live 12 is set to unveil Live 12, the latest major update to their widely-used digital audio workstation (DAW) software. Scheduled for release in early 2024, Live 12 boasts an array of innovative features aimed at igniting musical creativity. This update introduces new MIDI tools designed to generate unexpected ideas, along with additional devices, sounds, and various enhancements for a more intuitive user experience.

Device and Sound Enhancements:

Live 12 introduces new devices and sounds, enhancing the existing lineup. Meld, a bi-timbral, MPE-capable sound design instrument with intuitive macro oscillators; Roar, a versatile saturation effect with three stages for various configurations; Granulator III, the latest version of Robert Henke’s granular instrument with MPE capability; Lost and Found, a sound pack featuring unconventional materials and unique foley recordings; and Performance Pack, a collection of devices for innovative live performances.

MIDI Innovations:

Live 12 incorporates MIDI Transformations and Generators, introducing tools to create both simple and intricate variations of MIDI clips. These tools facilitate the addition of ornaments, drawing acceleration curves, connecting notes and chords, simulating guitar strums, and utilizing generative algorithms for creating melodies, rhythms, and chords within user-defined constraints. The MIDI Editor sees improvements, allowing users to rearrange notes by pitch, velocity, or duration, as well as offering new ways to stretch, split, chop, join notes, and shape velocity more effortlessly. The keys and scales functions have been upgraded, revealing selected notes in clips based on the chosen key in the Control Bar, serving as a guide for editing or generating musical ideas.

Additional Features:

Beyond these major features, Live 12 incorporates a host of improvements to enhance the user experience. The interface has adopted a more minimal look to focus on music creation, offering new themes for customization. Stacked views enable simultaneous display of devices and the Clip Editor or automation and device parameters. The Mixer can now be used in the Arrangement View. New tagging and search filter parameters enhance sound discovery in the Browser, and users can create custom categories for easy access. Accessibility and navigation features for assistive technologies have been introduced, along with new keyboard shortcuts for efficient navigation.

Pricing and Availability:

Live 12 is slated for an early 2024 release, with the following pricing:

  • Live Intro: $99
  • Live Standard: $439
  • Live Suite: $749

Ableton is currently offering a 20% discount on all Live 11 editions for new customers, including a free upgrade to the corresponding Live 12 version upon its release. Existing owners can access upgrade pricing offers through their online accounts.


Q: What are the key enhancements in Ableton Live 12 for device and sound capabilities?
A: Ableton Live 12 introduces several new devices and sounds, including Meld for bi-timbral, MPE-capable sound design, Roar for versatile saturation effects, Granulator III for advanced granular synthesis with MPE support, Lost and Found for unique foley recordings, and Performance Pack for innovative live performance devices.

Q: How does Ableton Live 12 innovate with MIDI tools?
A: Live 12 brings MIDI Transformations and Generators, allowing users to create intricate variations of MIDI clips. These tools enable adding ornaments, generating melodies and rhythms, simulating guitar strums, and more, enhancing creativity within MIDI compositions.

Q: What additional features does Ableton Live 12 offer beyond MIDI and device enhancements?
A: Live 12 includes interface improvements with new themes, stacked views for efficient device and clip editing, Mixer integration in Arrangement View, enhanced tagging and search filters in the Browser, and accessibility features for assistive technologies.

Q: When will Ableton Live 12 be available, and what are the pricing options?
A: Ableton Live 12 is set for release in early 2024. Pricing starts at $99 for Live Intro, $439 for Live Standard, and $749 for Live Suite. New customers purchasing Live 11 editions now receive a 20% discount and a free upgrade to Live 12 upon release. Existing owners can access upgrade pricing through their online accounts.

For more details, you can watch the official preview video here.


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