Moog sub 37 and matriarch
Olaroch Moog sub 37 and matriarch

Moog sub 37 and matriarch – What an incredible feeling to welcome the new @moogsynthesizers here at Studio. Now we count the SUB37 models the famous among many producers around the world and the Matriarch Dark version (the model I love the most and the latest in the entire moog line). As usual, I removed them from their amazing packaging and let inspiration take over. This song was made in honor of Moog with all his beautiful and wonderful history of him in the world

What you hear about music today regardless of genre, you can bet moog will be there. Now all is complete and soon more news is on the way. let the productions begin. Track id – Olaroch Moog available soon on all platforms. Thank you @moogsynthesizers for making the world better with your fantastic creations. love you

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