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Olaroch makes his remix for Zafrir Track Um

Who is the great producer Zafrir

Zafrir Capa

Zafrir Track Um

Zafrir began his musical path as early as elementary school, during which he learned to play a wide variety of musical instruments, including guitar, piano, etc. At home, he heard both popular music and music from around the world. Avidly interested in the traditional ethnic music, Zafrir has researched many styles and learned to play authentic musical instruments from different cultures: Celtic harp, Persian Tar, Turkish Oud, Santur, Greek bouzouki, and more. Zafrir uses this experience today to bring special musical colors to the world of electronic music. In 2018, Zafrir broke into the international electronic scene with the track “United” along with Armin Van Buuren, Alok and Vini Vici. Zafrir then teamed up with Alok and together they released Vale Vale, The track selected for the soundtrack of the computer game Free Fire. In 2021 Zafrir released a track on the record label Sony together with Afrojack, called Boom Boom Pow.

Zafrir also collaborate with Art Bat and Argy and they released together the track – TIBET. In it they combined hip hop with electronic music at Down Tempo. Over the last few years, Zafrir has continued to release tracks, collaborating with artists such as Afrojack, Art Bat, Argy, Dimitry Vegas & Like Mike, Armin Van Buuren, Kshmr, Alok, Steve Aoki,Timmy Trumpet. In Zafrir’s performance, he’s doing a electronic music with synthesizers and live looping and at the same time plays many of the instruments he has mastered over the years in their traditional way and also control on them with effects. This combination brings to the stage something innovative that has never before been seen in the electronic world.

Thus, with the united forces Olaroch will create the remix of his track UM that is being successful all over the world

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