Plugins Like Omnisphere Top 10 Alternatives to Omnisphere Exclusive

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Plugins Like Omnisphere stands tall as a leading force in today’s music software landscape. Its versatility and synthesis capabilities make it a powerhouse in the industry. However, for budding producers, the hefty price tag can be a hurdle. To assist those starting out, here’s a curated list of wallet-friendly plugins that rival Omnisphere, some even surpassing it in certain aspects.

1. Arturia Pigments 4 – Best Omnisphere Alternative

Arturia Pigments 4, a creation from the esteemed VST developer Arturia, earns its spot at the top. Boasting a budget-friendly price, it delivers a potent wavetable synth experience. Unlike Omnisphere, Pigments 4 offers various engines, including wavetable, harmonics, granular, sampling (akin to Omnisphere), and traditional analog synthesis.

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While Pigments 4 doesn’t match Omnisphere’s 60GB sample library, its strength lies in allowing users to import their own samples, providing ample flexibility.

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2. Hybrid 3 – Warmest Omnisphere Alternative

If you’re drawn to Omnisphere’s warmth, Hybrid 3 is worth exploring. This next-gen synthesizer blends analog sounds with futuristic digital manipulation, offering over 1,200 presets. Its comprehensive parameters and easy layering make it a favorite for hardware synth enthusiasts.

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Compared to Omnisphere, Hybrid 3 boasts an easier-to-navigate patch browser, enhancing the user experience.

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3. Serum – Best Omnisphere Alternative for EDM

Xfer Serum, an award-winning wavetable synthesizer, is a staple in electronic music production. Its unique LFO tool and virtual rack facilitate creative sound generation. Used by renowned artists like Aaron Spectre and Skye, Serum features flexible noise generators, wavetable oscillators, sub oscillators, and a range of effects.

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Serum’s longevity as a top digital synthesizer makes it indispensable for electronic music producers.

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4. NI Massive – NI’s Massive Omnisphere Alternative

Native Instruments Massive, a favorite among EDM producers, extends beyond the EDM realm. With a dual audio synthesis engine and a vast preset library, it enables users to craft their own synth sounds or layer multiple modules seamlessly.

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NI Massive’s flexibility, boasting over 100 waveshapes, makes it a cost-effective alternative to Omnisphere.

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5. Sektor – Most CPU Friendly Omnisphere Alternative

Initial Audio Sektor caters to those seeking customization without taxing their CPU. Offering a fluid workflow with drag-and-drop functionality, Sektor stands out for its myriad configurable options, including sequencers, arpeggiators, and interface customization.

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Sektor’s unique modulation options and wavetable editing capabilities make it a go-to for diverse genres.

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6. Hive 2 – Most Intuitive Omnisphere Alternative

u-He’s Hive 2 gains acclaim for its intuitive workflow, superior audio quality, and flexibility. Featuring three synth engines, tunable sub-oscillators, and drag-and-drop modulation assignment, Hive 2 simplifies sound design. Its low CPU usage and vast preset library enhance the user experience.

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Hive 2’s accessibility, with over 2,400 presets, caters to both beginners and seasoned producers.

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7. Arturia V Collection – Best Analog Alternative to Omnisphere

For those drawn to Omnisphere’s analog sounds, Arturia’s V Collection shines. This meticulously crafted emulation of classic analog hardware offers unparalleled realism. The intuitive interface and functional search menu simplify the process of finding desired sounds.

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V Collection’s blend of vintage hardware instruments with cutting-edge features expands sound design possibilities.

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8. Zebra 2 – Most Dramatic Omnisphere Alternative

Hans Zimmer’s use of Zebra 2 in the Dark Knight soundtrack attests to its quality. Zebra 2’s revamped interface enhances functionality, with a visible node editor for signal flow understanding. The muting function aids exploration, and the Dark Zebra update adds cinematic sounds.

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Zebra 2’s accessible design and cinematic capabilities make it a dramatic alternative to Omnisphere.

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9. Reason 12 – Best Omnisphere Alternative for Sound Design

Reason 12’s rack stands as a flexible and powerful sound design tool. The Mimic Creative Sampler and Combinator updates enhance sampling capabilities and offer customizable synth building. With numerous effects, synthesizers, and utilities, Reason 12 fosters versatile music creation.

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Reason 12’s comprehensive features make it a go-to for sound designers, beat-makers, and music creators.

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10. NI Reaktor – NI’s Reaktor Omnisphere Alternative

NI Reaktor 6 serves as a creative toolkit for sonic exploration. Its modular Blocks system allows users to build custom synths, samples, and effects. With over 70 included instruments and a vibrant user library, Reaktor offers unparalleled sound design capabilities.

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While Reaktor may be more suitable for those with intermediate or expert synthesis knowledge, its flexibility is unmatched.

Bonus: Surge 200 – Best Free Omnisphere Alternative

For those seeking a free alternative to Omnisphere, Surge 200 stands out. This full-featured synthesizer provides three oscillators, 614 wavetables, LFOs, modulation envelopes, and customizable dual-filter or FM routing. Its open-source nature and extensive preset library make it a remarkable choice.

Bonus: Ujam Synth Drive – Another Excellent Free Omnisphere Alternative

Ujam Synth Drive, though limited in flexibility and soundset size, offers incredible sounds for modern EDM. Its impressive presets make it a noteworthy free alternative to Omnisphere.

In Conclusion:

Before exploring these alternatives, it’s essential to understand what Omnisphere brings to the table. With over 500 DSP waveforms, 14,000+ sounds, and a powerful granular synthesis engine, Omnisphere excels in customization. However, the alternatives listed above cater to various preferences, genres, and budgets, providing users with a range of options to suit their creative needs.


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