BLANCAh – Apneia

Timeless Moment is finally presenting its new logo and we are proud to bring it together with a very special remix for one of our favorite artists in “Blancah”.

“The Loop of Humanity” is the name of our new logo artwork. An illustration brought to us by the great Brazilian fine artist Rita Paschoal.

The illustration represents two humanoids dancing through the melodies past the lights and shadows of a rare solar eclipse.

Under this unique moment of interstellar miracle. The beings are able to find themselves in an infinity loop of love, binding their souls to each other for eternity in that Timeless Moment.

We are very proud to bring a special remix from the label boss Morttagua to the one and only BLANCAH for the debut of this new era in Timeless Moment .

So take a big breath and come with us, because you are about to dwelve the in the world of ‘Apneia’ all over again.

Release Date: 03-07-2020