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  1. BLANCAh – Serenity (Original Mix)
  2. BLANCAh – Signs Of Bliss (Original Mix)

Release Info:
After the success of Hiato Music’s debut, with an EP signed by Binaryh, now it is BLANCAh’s turn to leave her unmistakable mark consolidating the musical aesthetics of the label, which belongs to both artists. If Binaryh is the pulsating and energetic body of the label, with songs that look like a locomotive full of pressure and groove, BLANCAh is the sensitive and elegant body, mixing power and poetry in her compositions. So is Signs Of Bliss, her new EP that has two original tracks.

“Although we lived such troubled year as 2020, full of fears, uncertainties and concerns, I tried to face adversity with hope, looking for signs of happiness in small daily gestures. Hence these songs were born as my particular manifestations of hope in a better year. ” Explains BLANCAh.

Serenity is the opening song and starts with a crystalline piano – a constant in the artist’s compositions – that continues to solo from the beginning to the end of the song. The composition grows with the entry of percussive drums that bring drama and reinforce the powerful groove of the bass lines. It is in fact a strong song, whose serenity is reflected in the correct choice of timbres, in the way the instruments in the Break are interspersed, in the way the melody surrounds us, creating a “sound space” capable of leading us to serene places within ourselves.

Signs Of Bliss, the song that gives the ep its name, is strong and progressive. It presents an immersive and dynamic melody that sounds during practically the entire track. The melodic bed is on account of the aerial Pads that alternate our attention, time turned to the main melody, time to the background and it is exactly this game that makes the music interesting and well built.

BLANCAh once again gives us a mature work and proves what has been said about her music since she appeared on the underground scene in 2014. She is in fact an artist who stands out for her originality, creativity, and sensitivity.

Sings Of Bliss is an ep full of personality, it fits very well both on the set of artists who value authenticity in their selections and on the playlist of listeners with refined taste

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