Dizharmonia Greek rising stars Dizharmonia return to Timeless Moment with the outstanding ‘Lotus EP’. The lead track LOTUS brings back to the label the trademark melodic techno sound of Dizharmonia, with strong leads, powerful bass line grooves and well-articulated percussion work.

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The track is made extra special due to the delicate smooth vocal top lines in harmonic minor, bringing a very deep and dreamy emotion to the composition. The label boss Morttagua brings the sole remix of this EP as he transforms ‘Lotus’ in total peak time madness with hardcore kick drums, strong rolling bass lines and top notch sound design.

Morttagua ads extra layers of melodies and synths on top of the original scores, making this remix one of his most powerful productions this year. Finishing of the EP we have ‘Ares’ and ‘Eos’ , two obscure melodic techno tracks with outstanding organic synth work and very unique rhythmic patterns, absolutely ready and fresh for this summer’s dance floors.

Master by SM Mastering