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Here is the full Moonclipse set from Ozora Festival’s Pumpui stage from the summer of 2022.

Moonclipse is the surprising outcome of two friends, Avi Shmailov & Omri Sasi, meeting in the studio in the midst of a global pandemic. Avi is the mastermind behind Astrix, a leading figure in the electronic dance music world for 2 decades. While mainly releasing Psytrance Astrix had dabbled in other genres through the years.

Moonclipse Ozora Festival

Last year found him collaborating with Guy J in a chart topping tune, and his track Universo together with Rising Dust is being played by the leading Techno DJs nonstop. Omri is a cross-genre DJ and electronic dance events organizer in Israel for many years, playing and producing a diverse spectrum of musical styles.

With time on their hands during long lockdowns they decided to explore the world of Melodic Techno & House for fun and Moonclipse was born.

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Astrix has been one of the leading PsyTrance producers & DJs in the world for more than a decade, carrying his musical message of psychedelic emotional uplifting trance to every corner of the world, to huge festivals (EDC, Burning Man, Tomorrowland, Ozora, Universo Paralello, XXXperience), to the biggest urban clubs & underground events.

Devoted to his art and a true perfectionist, Astrix is known for his massive hypnotic explosive sets on the dancefloor & for his precise detailed production in the studio. Both always laced with tons of feel & musicality. His music has been topping the charts and his albums are considered milestones.

His debut album ‘Eye to Eye’, defined him as a trance music anthems producer and was followed by succesful albums Artcore, Red Means Distortion & other compilations and EPs.

Astrix fourth studio album, “” was released on February 2016.

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