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Morttagua brings two progressive wonder tracks to Timeless Moment

The A side ‘Hypnos’ is literally a track the will put its listeners in deep hypnotic state. An Infectious riff is repeated throughout the whole track as played by shiny diamond pluck synths, giving you a complete 8D experience of sound design.

The powerful bass line keeps the energy high throughout all of the sensorial sensations brought to you by ‘Hypnos’ while atmospheric ambient melodies and harmonic pads bring the necessary balance to this timeless track. The B side ‘Python’ is a track reminiscent of the more old school progressive sounds of the last decade. With an effective bass line coupled with pluck chords, bright sparkling arpeggios and an impeccable percussion work,

Python shines, especially because of the conjunctions of its simpler elements that work together in perfect harmony.

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