Morttagua is back to Timeless Moment with two progressive wonders in Priam and Humanoids.

Morttagua  The idea of this EP was to visualize through its musical elements a possible futuristic world full of technology, robotics and color. Morttagua brings a synth and fx concept in each of the two tracks that are complementary and have the goal to immerse the listeners in a full 5d sound experience.

The lead track ‘Priam’ brings a strong intro build up with evolving atmospheres surrounded by many layers of melodic elements on top of a powerful bass line. The melodic riff of Priam is then revealed in a turn of events, hypnotizing and captivating the listeners with its immersive and profound main synth.

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We can’t say that the second track of this EP is the B side, simply because both tracks are so unique that the order of its listing was based purely on Morttagua’s personal taste. ‘Humanoids’ is a track that is going through the robotic system of Sophia, a humanoid android created by humans. With melodies built both on minor scales and Arabic scales, the mood of the track goes from uplifting and euphoric to dark and sinister while Sophia explains her mission on Earth through the beautiful synths created by its master.