Morttagua – The Parallel (Dub Mix) Release Info:

Morttagua brings back to Timeless Moment his riff magic with the vocal single “The Parallel”. ‘The Parallel’ is a title track inspired by Morttagua’s intensively lived moments on Pratigi Beach at Universo Parallelo Festival 2019-2020. We present the groove that captures the perfect daytime vibe of the beautiful Brazilian state of Bahia. We play the pluck melodies that are a perfect fit for the magical feelings that can only be felt during the sunrise and sunsets at the crystalline waters of Pratigi Beach. And we sing the mystical lyrics that reflect all the intense timeless moments that one can only experience by being part of the immersive journey of ‘The Parallel” Universe.

Release Date: 10-03-2020

SM Mastering


Timeless Moment………