Morttagua – Yahyel Morttagua brings ‘Yahyel’ to Timeless Moment.

Morttagua – Yahyel There’s been a lot a talk about which race will be the first to officially disclose their presence to Earthlings. The one that alien experts all seem to agree on is the ‘Yahyel’.

This is one of the alien races in contact with earth and is known to be kind and loving.

They have been touted as the best beings to make first contact with us due to their advanced and harmonious relationship with technology, something that we here on Earth are having a little trouble balancing out.

Morttagua inspires himself on the Yahyel extraterrestrial love beings to compose the magical melody theme for this single.

A beautiful tribal Hindu mantra is added to the track to further add to the mystical and spiritual aspects of the “Yahyel”.

All this elements combine together with amazing atmospheres and outstanding sound design to create a true timeless track.

The Dub mix is also available in the pack to bring a version without the Hindu vocals.

This mix focus on the hypnotic main melody of ‘Yahyel’ , being especially suited for the ones that prefer an alternative version for the original mix.

Master by SM Mastering