Nekliff & Space Motion return to Timeless Moment for one of our most waited singles.

Nekliff & Space Motion ‘Laziness’ was signed by Timeless Moment exactly one year ago and was vastly road tested by label boss Morttagua as he played the original version in almost every live set through the past 12 months.

With dark mystical vibes and a very catchy hook, ‘Laziness’ shines on the dance floor due to its perfect combination of Progressive melodies and tribal grooves, a combo that has been the trademark success of many of Space Motion hit tracks, and now with the addition of NekliFF’s extra melodic touch.

After playing the original mix live for one year straight, it was only obvious that Morttagua himself would bring the one and only Remix of ‘Laziness’. Morttagua brings ‘laziness’ to his trademark game, adding hypnotic bass lines and diamond crispy synths while keeping the main melodic hook of the original intact. Extra atmospheres and a highly engineered mix down make this Remix leave up to the hype of its original brother.

A perfect EP that will work amazingly for the Melodic and Afro House crowds in its original version while satisfying the Progressive Techno lovers in its Remix with an ace package that you simply can’t go wrong with it.