Tale of Us Live at Afterlife

Artist: Tale of Us
Track ID: EarthLife Universo [Timeless Moment]
Location: Afterlife Tulum 2020

Listen / Download: https://li.sten.to/ERrSDwJ

We are delighted to announce the debut EP from rising Italian duo Earthlife on Timeless Moment.

The title single “lost in New York’, with vocals from the melodic house & techno vocalist queen Eleonora, is a true journey that literally puts you in a ‘trance state’. Close your eyes and let yourself get lost with Eleonora’s silk vocal theme while you get totally immersed with the strongly emotive arpeggio harmonies from Earthlife.

On Remix duties for ‘Lost in New York’ we have label boss Morttagua putting his trademark bass line on his remake, adding peak time dance floor powerhouse to this timeless gem.

‘Universo’ is the second track of the EP, with heavy support from none other than Tale of Us. Powerful kick bass drums, dirty analog synths and amazing percussion work makes Universo a perfect pick for a nights climax.

Finishing this amazing EP we have the deep and melodic ‘Heart’. Full of emotion and beautiful melodies, Heart is a perfect track to listen and chill on a sunrise or sunset. The hypnotic atmospheres and soft groove makes this tune perfect for more chilled sets or to give that finishing set vibes when used on the end of a longer set. Simply amazing!

Morttagua Remix mastered by