FabFilter Pro-R 2 is a flexible reverb

FabFilter Pro-R 2 is a flexible reverb


The FabFilter Pro-R 2 is a versatile reverb plugin that you’ll find yourself using more often than you might expect. Priced at £144 (with a 50-65% discount for previous FabFilter customers), it brings three reverb styles, new ducking and auto-gate features, and the ability to import IR files, turning them into customizable presets. Let’s delve into the details of this impressive upgrade.

Evolution from Pro-R 1

When FabFilter introduced the original Pro-R in 2016, it stood out with its easy-to-understand controls, natural sound, and innovative Decay Rate EQ. Fast forward seven years, and with the release of competing reverbs, it’s time for an upgrade. The Pro-R 2 maintains the user-friendly design of its predecessor while incorporating new features to enhance its flexibility.

Clean and Easy Controls

FabFilter focuses on simplicity without sacrificing power. Pro-R 2’s controls include Space, Brightness, Character, Distance, Width, Predelay, and Mix. The intuitive interface allows you to quickly shape the character of your reverbs, avoiding the complexity found in other plugins.

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What’s New in FabFilter Pro-R 2?

While Pro-R 1 had many of the features mentioned, Pro-R 2 introduces three algorithms: Modern, Vintage, and Plate. Each algorithm offers distinct sounds, allowing users to experiment based on their desired outcome.

The Vintage style, while sounding less like a real space, adds a thick ’80s vibe to your mix. The Thickness dial is a notable addition, providing saturation and density to enhance the reverb’s color.

Duck and Cover

Pro-R 2 introduces built-in ducking and auto-gate features. The Ducking dial enhances separation between wet and dry signals by reducing reverb volume when triggered by the input. Auto-Gate, with adjustable time settings, facilitates the creation of classic ’80s gated reverb sounds.

Exotic Imports

A standout feature is the ability to import impulse response (IR) files, analyzed and recreated as algorithmic presets. While results may vary in accuracy, it’s a quick way to expand your preset collection and offers parameters for further tweaking.

Immerse Yourself

Improvements include enhanced output options on Decay Rate and Post EQ, supporting L/R or M/S outputs for each band. Pro-R 2 fully supports surround/immersive audio and Dolby Atmos, providing extensive output options for a finely crafted reverb space.


In conclusion, FabFilter Pro-R 2’s added features expand its sonic palette with new modes and additional character. While the IR import feature may be hit-and-miss, it remains a unique and exciting idea. The improved preset browser, Freeze button for infinite decays, and attention to detail make this update a solid enhancement to an already excellent reverb plugin.

Key Features

  • Algorithmic reverb plugin
  • VST, VST3, AU, AU3, AAX Native, and Audiosuite support
  • 30-day trial available
  • Modern, Vintage, and Plate algorithms
  • User-friendly controls: Brightness, Character, Distance
  • Step-less Space control with dozens of room models
  • Flexible decay time editing with Decay Rate EQ
  • 6-band Post-EQ
  • Impulse response import feature
  • Thickness control for saturation and compression
  • Built-in ducking, auto-gate, and freeze features
  • Immersive/Dolby Atmos functionality
  • Surround mode with up to 9.1.6 channel layouts
  • Improved preset browser
  • L/R and M/S mode switching for Post EQ bands
  • Surround mode speaker settings

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