Unveiling the Top Free Autotune VST Plugins for 2024

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Autotune stands as a fundamental tool in the realm of music production, shaping vocals across various genres, from chart-topping hits to the raw demos of indie artists. While the coveted pitch correction features were once confined to the premium Antares Auto-Tune Pro plugin with a hefty $399 price tag, the landscape has evolved.

Now, the power of pitch correction is within reach for everyone, thanks to a selection of free autotune alternatives. While the Antares Auto-Tune plugin offers a 14-day trial, the options we’re about to explore provide a more permanent solution for those seeking a cost-effective approach.

PLUGIN AUTO TUNE FL STUDIO Elevate Your Vocal Game with Free Autotune VST Plugins

If your music production toolkit lacks a reliable pitch correction tool, fret not. Our curated list of free autotune VST plugins is here to ensure your vocals remain pitch-perfect. All you need is a digital audio workstation capable of hosting VSTs.

Understanding the Magic of Pitch Correction

Pitch correction, the primary function of autotune, comes to the rescue for correcting pitch imperfections in vocal recordings. Used judiciously, an autotune plugin can deliver flawlessly tuned vocals without sounding artificial. Moreover, it serves as a creative tool, allowing intentional alterations to vocal timbre and melody, famously known as the “T-Pain effect” or “the Cher effect,” popularized by Cher’s iconic song “Believe.”

Discover the Best Free Autotune VSTs of 2024

Curious about the best free autotune plugins in 2024? Here’s a snapshot of the top contenders:

Graillon 2 Free EditionGraillon PLUGIN AUTO TUNE FL STUDIO

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MAutoPitchHow To Use Mautopitch FREE AUTOTUNE

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GSnap by Graham YeadonHow to Use Gsnap FL STUDIO

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KeroVee by g200kgHow to Use KeroVee FREE PLUGIN

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TrapTune Free EditionHow to Use Traptune Plugin

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Voloco by Resonant Cavity For more information access

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Whether you’re correcting pitch imperfections or diving into creative vocal manipulations, these free autotune VSTs can seamlessly substitute the renowned Auto-Tune effect by Antares. Ready to explore how to get autotune without breaking the bank? Dive into the world of free autotune plugins and elevate your music production game.

Here’s a FAQ based on the text about the top free autotune VST plugins for 2024:

Top Free Autotune VST Plugins FAQ

What are Autotune VST plugins?

Autotune VST plugins are tools used in music production to correct pitch imperfections in vocal recordings and create intentional pitch effects.

Why use free Autotune VST plugins?

Free Autotune VST plugins provide cost-effective solutions for achieving pitch-perfect vocals and creative vocal manipulations without the expense of premium plugins like Antares Auto-Tune Pro.

What can I expect from free Autotune VST plugins in 2024?

In 2024, free Autotune VST plugins have evolved to offer robust pitch correction capabilities comparable to paid alternatives. They are accessible to all music producers with digital audio workstations that support VST plugins.

What are some recommended free Autotune VST plugins for 2024?

Explore these top free Autotune VST plugins for 2024:

  1. Graillon 2 Free Edition – Known for its intuitive interface and effective pitch correction.
  2. MAutoPitch – Offers comprehensive pitch correction with additional creative features.
  3. GSnap by Graham Yeadon – A classic choice for simple and effective pitch correction.
  4. KeroVee by g200kg – Features a user-friendly interface with powerful pitch correction capabilities.
  5. TrapTune Free Edition – Tailored for modern vocal processing in trap and hip-hop genres.
  6. Voloco by Resonant Cavity – Provides unique vocal effects and pitch correction capabilities.

How do I use these free Autotune VST plugins?

Each plugin comes with its own set of instructions and parameters for pitch correction and creative effects. Consult the plugin’s documentation or online tutorials for specific guidance on setup and usage.

Where can I find these free Autotune VST plugins?

You can download these plugins from their respective developer websites or trusted plugin repositories. Ensure compatibility with your digital audio workstation before installation.


Free Autotune VST plugins for 2024 offer powerful tools for achieving professional-grade vocal tuning and creative effects in music production. Explore these plugins to enhance your vocal recordings and experiment with new sounds without financial constraints.

Feel free to customize and expand on this FAQ to suit your needs!


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