How to Use KeroVee FREE PLUGIN

KeroVee: Your Comprehensive Guide to a Pitch Correction Plugin


How to Use KeroVee FREE PLUGIN KeroVee stands as a significant tool in the realm of pitch correction plugins. As a VST effect, it seamlessly integrates with various applications supporting VST, such as Cubase and Sonar. While its primary focus lies in the renowned “autotune” effect, the latest version, 1.60, introduces enhanced support for natural pitch correction.

Features and Capabilities

The plugin offers a range of functionalities, including:

1. Autotune Effect and Natural Pitch Correction

KeroVee excels in delivering the quintessential autotune effect while also providing improved support for natural pitch correction through its latest update.

2. Versatile Output Options

With two outputs transposed to the pitch correction output, users can mix them as desired, even bypassing the original sound. This feature enables the application of chorus effects, creating layered recordings distinct from traditional chorus effects.

3. Formant Correction

One of its standout capabilities involves the alteration of male voices into female voices, thanks to its formant correction function.

System Requirements

  • The plugin necessitates a CPU compatible with SSE2 for optimal performance.
  • It seamlessly operates on modern PCs without any issues.

Installation and Usage

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Installation Process

  1. To install KeroVee, simply place the KeroVee.dll file into your host application’s VST plugin folder.
  2. Each host application may have its specific installation procedure, so referring to their respective manuals is recommended.

Usage Instructions

  • Insert KeroVee as an effect into the audio track. Note that a stereo audio track is required for proper panning.
  • To utilize the ‘TuneTo MIDI’ feature, route the MIDI signal to KeroVee. The specific method might vary depending on the host application.

Parameters and Controls

KeroVee offers a myriad of parameters for precision control and customization:

Scale and Tuning

  • Scale ‘C’ to ‘B’ button: Specifies the desired tuning scale.
  • TuneSpeed: Adjusts the speed at which the pitch is corrected.

Nuance and Amount

  • Nuance: Allows preservation or correction of fine vibrato in the original sound.
  • Amount: Controls the intensity of pitch correction, ranging from no correction (0) to full correction (100).

Calibration and Tuning Modes

  • Calibrate: Sets the master tuning frequency within a range of 430 Hz to 450 Hz, with a default of 440 Hz.
  • Tuning: Offers options to adjust the scale and enable MIDI note tuning.

Output and Effects

  • Ignore – Level – Pan: Allows adjustments for emitting the original sound, controlling levels, and panorama.

Tone Outputs

The plugin offers Tone1 and Tone2 outputs with various adjustable parameters, including level, pan, transposition, fine-tuning, shift, and preservation mode.


KeroVee stands as a robust pitch correction plugin, offering a wide array of features and controls for fine-tuning audio outputs. With continuous updates and improvements, it remains a staple tool for professionals and enthusiasts alike in the realm of audio processing and manipulation.

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