How to Use Voloco Free Plugin

Unleashing Voloco: The Free T-Pain Effect VST Plugin by Resonant Cavity


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How to Use Voloco Free Plugin Resonant Cavity has unveiled VST3 and AU plugin versions of Voloco, a pitch correction effect freeware designed for digital audio workstations on both PC and Mac.

Exploring Voloco’s Unique Pitch Correction

Voloco stands out as a straightforward pitch correction software tailored for music producers who view auto-tune as a creative tool. Unlike subtle and natural correction tools, Voloco boldly embraces its role, delivering the iconic “T-Pain” effect with pitch-perfect notes that resonate with a robotic allure.

Key Features of Voloco

The current version of Voloco features six distinct pitch-correction modes, or presets, each optimized for T-Pain auto-tuned vocals. However, the intricacies of these presets, dictating pitch correction speed and intensity, remain hidden under the hood, preventing direct user customization.

The Path Forward: Voloco Pro

The developers at Resonant Cavity are actively working on a “Pro” version of Voloco, promising more hands-on control over its sound engine. For now, users can explore the capabilities of the freeware version.

User-Friendly Interface and Control

Despite its limitations, the freeware version of Voloco offers users the ability to anchor vocals to a specific key and scale. Additionally, users can adjust the pitch correction amount, thanks to a straightforward and user-friendly interface.

Voloco: More Than Just Software

Voloco transcends conventional categorization as a serious music production tool. Instead, it positions itself as a playful piece of software, inviting vocalists to experiment with pitch correction and explore new musical possibilities.

Challenge Accepted!

While Voloco is primarily seen as a fun and experimental tool, creative minds may prove its potential by crafting compelling music with its unique pitch correction capabilities.

Mobile Origins

Initially exclusive to mobile platforms, Voloco has expanded its reach with desktop versions. The iOS and Android versions remain available for those who prefer on-the-go pitch correction experimentation. These mobile apps retain their free-to-download and use status, offering a portable extension of Voloco’s pitch-bending capabilities.

In conclusion, Voloco emerges as a distinctive pitch correction tool, delivering the T-Pain effect with a creative twist. As the software evolves, users can anticipate more control and features with the upcoming Pro version. Whether you’re experimenting on your desktop or mobile device, Voloco invites you to explore the boundaries of pitch correction in a playful and innovative way.

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