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Anyma After Life – Creating a Deep Bass Bonk Sound with Wavetable in Ableton

Anyma After Life Today, we are going to focus on creating a deep bass bonk sound using Wavetable in Ableton. This sound is part of a remake for the track “Anima Consciousness” and is made exclusively with Ableton and Wavetable. We’ll walk through the process of setting up the sound and explain how to achieve the desired effect.

Setting Up Wavetable

To start, we need to create a duplicate version of the sound and copy the MIDI. We’ll then add a fresh instance of Wavetable and set it to -6 for now to hear something. The default sine wave that comes with Wavetable will serve as our foundation.

We’ll activate the sub oscillator and set it to -2 octaves to add a foundation below the sound. We’ll also bring down oscillator 1 by two octaves and set it to FM mode. This will introduce frequency modulation sounds to the sound.

Creating the Envelope

Next, we want to copy the envelope from oscillator 1 and apply it to oscillator 2 to achieve a similar effect. By adjusting the envelope settings, we can change the character of the sound over time.

Setting Up the Filter

Now, let’s set up a filter to add some movement to the sound. We’ll set the filter to 24 decibels per octave and select the PRD mode. We’ll also apply envelope 2 to control the frequency of the filter, creating a sweeping effect.

Tweaking the Sound

To further shape the sound, we’ll adjust the output shape and tweak the envelope settings. By adjusting the decay time, sustain, and release time, we can fine-tune the sound to our liking.

Adding Effects

To enhance the sound, we’ll add some effects. We’ll include a reverb with specific settings to add depth and space to the sound. Additionally, we’ll apply an EQ to emphasize a certain frequency and further enhance the overall sound.

Finalizing the Sound

After making all the necessary adjustments and tweaks, we have successfully created the deep bass bonk sound using Wavetable in Ableton. This sound can be used in various genres of music to add a unique and powerful element.

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