Black Friday

Black Friday – In the age of increasing home studio setups for musicians, having an excellent pair of headphones for monitoring and mixing music is more crucial than ever. Beyond professional use, these headphones also cater to the enjoyment of music and the convenience of making phone calls on the go.

We’ve compiled the finest Black Friday deals, spanning a variety of headphones, from traditional wired studio models to wireless options, and even those that offer both functionalities. Continue reading to discover how you can save money on high-quality headphones, whether you aim to enhance your mixes or indulge in music during your daily commute.

Here’s a quick look at ten of the best Black Friday headphone deals:

Mackie MC-450: Save 44%

  • Mackie’s versatile headphones are ideal for everything from casual listening to monitoring and mixing music. With interchangeable locking cables providing ultimate flexibility and a SPL rating of 101dB, they are perfect for when you need to turn up the volume. VIEW DEAL HERE

Numark HF175: Get 10% Off

  • Featuring a single-sided cable suitable for DJs, these headphones boast high-quality 40 mm Neodymium Magnet Drivers for power and precision. With durable synthetic leather ear pads and a leather and steel headband, they provide comfort during extended sessions. VIEW DEAL HERE

Focal Bathys: Save $69.90

  • Focal’s impressive noise-canceling wireless headphones come with onboard control of Alexa and Google Assistant, multiple microphones for clear voice capture, and a remarkable battery life of over 30 hours. In addition to Bluetooth operation, they offer a USB DAC mode for up to 24-bit, 192kHz listening. VIEW DEAL HERE

Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones: Get 45% Off

  • Enjoy significant savings on these stylish and great-sounding headphones with advanced features, thanks to Apple’s W1 chip integration. With multi-functional on-body controls, they offer up to 40 hours of playback and quick charging for 3 hours of playback in just five minutes. VIEW DEAL HERE

Presonus HD9 Studio Headphones: Save 10%

  • Designed for studio use, these headphones provide superior sound isolation, allowing you to focus on your music. With an impressive frequency response of 10Hz – 26kHz and accurate low-frequency response, they are lightweight and comfortable for extended sessions. VIEW DEAL HERE

Shure SRH840A Professional Studio Headphones: Get a Great Deal

  • Trusted by professionals, these Shure headphones offer tailored frequency response for rich bass, clear mid-range, and sparkling highs. With a padded headband for comfort during long sessions and a frequency response of 5Hz – 25KHz, you won’t miss any details when creating music. VIEW DEAL HERE

Audio-Technica ATH-M40x: Save $20

  • Take advantage of savings on one of Audio-Technica’s most popular models. With a closed-back design for better isolation, a flat frequency response ideal for studio monitoring, and rotating earcups, these headphones are perfect for enhancing your productions. VIEW DEAL HERE

AKG K-701: Get Money Off

  • AKG’s open-backed circumaural dynamic headphones use flat-wire technology for sparkling highs and rich bass. Lightweight and stylish, they come with a ¼ inch adapter for compatibility with all your playback devices. VIEW DEAL HERE

Pioneer DJ HDJ-CUE1 DJ: Save 20%

  • DJs can rejoice with a 20% discount on these excellent headphones designed to power performances. With optional colored earpads to match your style, adjustable ear cups, and the choice of wired or Bluetooth modes, they are flexible enough to suit any task. VIEW DEAL HERE

Focal Listen Pro: Save $45

Not finding what you’re looking for? These are just a few selections. Explore more Black Friday offers at your own pace from the following retailers:

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