Exclusive Black Friday 2023 Plugin Offers for Music Creators

lack Friday 2023 Plugin

Black Friday 2023 Plugin As we eagerly await Black Friday 2023, the music production community is in for a treat with a multitude of enticing deals already available! Stay tuned of Black Friday for the latest scoop on deals, discounts, and complimentary offerings on VST plugins, sound libraries, Kontakt collections, and studio equipment.

We take the guesswork out of the equation by meticulously curating the top Black Friday deals and freebies for music producers, ensuring you don’t get lost in the sea of unnecessary options.

Our handpicked Black Friday 2023 deals page is a dynamic resource, consistently updated with new promotions and discounts throughout November.

And, here’s the exciting part – join our Black Friday Giveaway for a chance to snag prizes exceeding $2,000 in value, tailored for music production enthusiasts.

The Black Friday deals page is divided into four categories:

  1. Software Deals: Showcasing discounted VST plugins and digital audio workstations.
  2. Soundware Deals: Highlighting discounted sample packs and Kontakt libraries.
  3. Hardware Deals: Featuring discounted studio equipment.
  4. Freebies: Spotlighting free plugins and sample libraries.

Unmissable deals are marked in red, while recommended product deals are highlighted in yellow. For your convenience, expired deals are crossed out. Keep an eye out for the 🆕 icon to discover the latest Black Friday deals.

Feel free to share your favorite deals and offers in the comments below (thank you! ❤️). Exceptional suggestions will be incorporated into the article.

Additionally, we recently conducted a survey involving over 900 music producers about Black Friday. Explore the survey results on this page.

Black Friday Specials 🔥

Explore the finest Black Friday audio software and soundware deals in the following section.

Top Black Friday Deals for Music Production

For those in a hurry, here’s the TL;DR version of our Black Friday discount list. These are the five absolute best Black Friday music production deals in 2023.

Scroll down the page to discover all the latest deals and Black Friday giveaways.

$29 Black Friday Bundle Sale (95% OFF)

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  • Receive Native Instruments Super 8 FREE with a Loopcloud Subscription. Plugin Boutique presents the Black Friday Bundle, featuring eleven individual plugins and 4.5 GB of samples, all for just $29. The bundle includes a complimentary gift of your choice. It comprises various virtual instruments and effects, such as the Super 8 synthesizer by Native Instruments and the bx_masterdesk mastering effect by Brainworx. Additionally, you get the Lifeline Expanse Lite multi-effect, the remarkable Rift Filter Lite by Minimal Audio, and more.

Soundtoys Black Friday Sale (80% OFF)

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  • Soundtoys. During the Black Friday sale, get a staggering 80% off on Soundtoys, known for crafting some of the best audio effects in the plugin market. Prices start at $29 for legendary Soundtoys plugins like Radiator, MicroShift, and Devil-Loc Deluxe (particularly effective on drums!). You can also seize the entire Soundtoys collection for a limited time at $249. It remains one of my preferred sets of audio plugins for sound design and mixing. And don’t overlook that the Little Plate reverb plugin by Soundtoys is FREE until December!

UAD Studio Edition Bundle (50% OFF)

Black Friday 2023 Plugin

  • UAD Minimoog. UAD, a leading plugin company, requires no introduction. With native versions of its plugins now available, you can run them in your DAW without UAD hardware. Seize the opportunity to enhance your audio toolkit with the UAD Studio Edition bundle, priced at $249.50 during the sale. This bundle includes 33 plugins, translating to $7.50 per plugin. Acquire legendary plugins like the Moog Minimoog (the UAD plugin version closely emulates the original), Lexicon 244 Digital Reverb, Teletronix LA-3A Audio Leveler, and more. Additionally, UAD recently released their LUNA DAW for free on macOS.

Emergent Drums AI Drum Plugin (80% OFF)

image 53

  • Get Emergent Drums for 80% off for a limited time. Experience an 80% discount on the revolutionary Emergent Drums plugin by Audialab. Leveraging AI technology, Emergent Drums generates an infinite array of new drum sounds. Tailor and mold the generated drums, exporting them as WAV samples for further processing in your preferred DAW. It’s an exceptional tool for crafting innovative percussion in mere seconds.

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